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What Makes A Good Car Crawler And How to Use It

Apr. 16, 2022

Even for amateur mechanics, an underbody crawler with padding is worth the investment. When you're comfortable, you'll enjoy changing the oil and getting more use out of your engine.

If the idea of changing your own oil is to grab a piece of cardboard and slide it under your car, then it's time to start using the program: save your back and invest in a crawler. They range in price from $20 to $200, but you don't need to spend a fortune. You can get a very good car creeper for $50 to $100. Here are four features to look for in a creeper.

What Makes A Good Car Crawler And How to Use It

A good creeper

1. A sturdy basket that takes the pressure off the upper and lower back muscles. Economical models are made of thin plywood. Look for reinforced baskets that can support your back and shoulders.

2. Steel wheels make for rough riding, and they get stuck in every crack. Rolling down a crawler to release a stuck wheel is a real drag. Buy a crawler with polyurethane ball bearing wheels.

3. Low-profile design that makes the most of limited work space. Recessed wheels keep you closer to the ground and give you more room to maneuver tools and parts.

4. Wooden crawlers absorb oil, coolants and fluids, making every spill last a lifetime. Instead, look for crawlers with heavy-duty chemical- and oil-resistant fabrics and sturdy padding.

What Makes A Good Car Crawler And How to Use It

How to use the car crawler

Step 1 - Lift your vehicle

To use a car crawler, you must first lift the vehicle using a jack. You will also need a pair of stands to support the weight of the vehicle while performing maintenance.

Step 2 - Position the axle carrier

Make sure to lift the vehicle off the ground high enough to allow the car crawler and you to safely slide under it. Placing the support frame at maximum height should leave enough room for this.

Step 3 - Position the car crawler

Place the car crawler on a hard and level surface away from the vehicle.

Step 4 - Lie on the crawler

Lie on your back so that the car crawler fully supports your back, bottom and head. Placing yourself in this position will allow your legs to move freely so you can push and navigate to where you want to go.

Step 5 - Maneuver Yourself

Using your legs, push yourself underneath the vehicle. You are now ready to get to work. If you decide to take a break from performing maintenance, be sure to push the crawler underneath the vehicle or stand it upright.

What Makes A Good Car Crawler And How to Use It

When you are finished, be sure to stand or store your car crawler in a safe place to prevent it from being damaged or causing injury. Now please contact AUTOTOOLDEPOT to buy the tools.

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