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What Features Should A Great Tire Inflator Have

May. 06, 2022

It's bad when you have a flat tire near your home and need to spend time filling or repairing it. It's worse when it's located on the side of a busy highway. But the worst time to get a flat tire is when you don't have a temporary patch, your spare is flat, and you're a long way from an air compressor. 

Being ill-prepared causes more trouble, wastes more time, and costs more money. One way to ensure that you always have at least a fully inflated spare tire is to keep a portable tire inflator in your car. You can always use it to keep your tires at the specified optimal pressure, and you'll have a backup plan for the spare tire just in case. 

Simply put, a tire inflator is a small portable device that can help you in the event of a flat or a blowout. Of course, for the latter case, you should also have a flat tire repair kit. Not only that, but some tire inflators have many other features, such as digital readouts, flashlights or accessories.

What Features Should A Great Tire Inflator Have

So what features should a great tire inflator have?


The tire inflators have a compact design and sturdy build quality thanks to a smart choice of materials. Because they are compact, carrying them is an easy job. The inflators can easily be placed in the luggage compartment of the vehicle. In addition, if some small inflators are cleverly kept, they can even be installed near the spare tire of some cars.

Easy to use

Using a tire inflator is not rocket science. Simply plug the inflator into a power source and you're ready to go. Here, you must plug it into a 12V power outlet. But remember, don't forget to turn on the engine and keep it idling before you turn on the device. This way, you won't put too much load on your car battery. Now just press the button and the inflator will start working.

What Features Should A Great Tire Inflator Have

cordless tire inflator

Save time

Have you ever experienced a flat or flat tire before going to the office in the morning? If not, in a word, it's annoying. But luckily, having a tire inflator can solve this problem. Today, almost all cars are equipped with tubeless tires. Let me tell you, perforated tubeless tires retain internal air longer than tubed tires. Therefore, after inflating with a tire inflator, you can easily reach the nearest puncture house and have it repaired. Click here to purchase one.


Besides car tires, there are many other air-filled objects. Engineers have really thought of this and that's why car tire inflators like AutoToolsDepot's have many attachments. With these attachments, you can inflate soccer balls, basketballs, balloons and more in addition to tires.


One question that may arise is what happens if the tires are filled up? Well, almost all car tire inflators come with an automatic cut-off feature. This means that when the desired tire pressure is reached, the inflator will automatically stop pumping air into the tire. This makes car tire inflators safe for everyone to use.

What Features Should A Great Tire Inflator Have

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