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Combination Tool Sets

Automotive mechanic tool sets for sale

Autotools Depot is engaged in the manufacture and supply of various auto tools, as well as related Auto products and mechanic tool kits. With the help of this collection of tools and equipment, you can get the automotive tasks done confidently and safely. The finest quality combination tool sets are suitable for automotive repair, general construction, household uses and DIY projects. Made from durable corten steel and anti-slip finishes, the multi-piece tool kits allow you to perform multiple functions within your toolbox and finish the job without losing grip. Moreover, Autotools Depot offers high performance engine tools, automotive mechanic tool sets for sale, Customization and OEM/ODM Service to the partners worldwide. Welcome to contact us for detailed information!

What's inside the mechanic tool sets?

General tools for car maintenance include hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches.

1. Hand Hammer (Iron Hammer): Provides a large striking force.

2. A screwdriver is a tool used to tighten or loosen slotted screws. Divided into a word and a cross.

3. Pliers: There are many kinds of pliers, and two commonly used lithium fish pliers and needle-nose pliers in auto repair.

1) Carp pliers: Hold flat or cylindrical parts by hand, and those with cutting edges can cut off metal. Note: Do not use pliers to turn bolts or nuts; do not act as a crowbar or hammer.

2) Needle nose pliers: used to clamp parts in small places.

4. Wrench For folding bolts and nuts with corners. Commonly used in auto repair are open-end wrenches, plum wrenches, socket wrenches, adjustable wrenches, torque wrenches, pipe wrenches and special wrenches.

1) Open-end wrench (dull wrench): There are 6 pieces and 8 pieces within the range of the opening width of 6~24 mm. It is suitable for folding bolts and nuts of general standard specifications.

2) Torx wrench: suitable for folding bolts or nuts in the range of 5~27 mm. The two ends of the torx wrench are like sockets, with 12 corners, which are not easy to slip off during work.

3) Adjustable wrench: The opening can be adjusted freely.

4) Torque wrench: used with the socket to tighten the bolt or nut. Torque wrenches are indispensable in car repairs, such as cylinder head bolts, crankshaft bearing bolts, etc.

5) Special wrench: also called ratchet wrench, should be used with socket wrench. Generally used for tightening or disassembling bolts or nuts in narrow places, it can disassemble or assemble bolts or nuts without changing the angle of the wrench.

How to use: Press the top spring pin and put on the socket head (socket wrench).

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