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Is a Jump Starter Worth It?

Nov. 21, 2022

It can be frustrating to have your car's battery die while you're out running errands. But if you have a jump starter on hand, you can use it to bring your car's battery back to life. This article will discuss the pros and cons of an emergency car starter to determine if it's worth it.


jump starter

jump starter

Advantages of a jump starter

1. Immediate start

An emergency starter allows you to start your car immediately. The high amperage provides enough power to the battery to take it from drained to usable in seconds. This makes an emergency starter ideal if your car breaks down. In the same situation, a car battery charger requires you to wait.

2. Use it anywhere

Emergency starters do not need to be plugged in and can be used anywhere. The emergency starter is usually stored in the vehicle for use when needed. The batteries in emergency starters vary in size, but they always have enough power to get you a short distance.

3. Portable

Emergency starters come in different sizes. If you don't need a large battery, you can find an emergency starter that fits. These devices are perfect for keeping in your glove box. But the more power you need, the less portable the jump starter will be.

4. Additional features

Emergency starters are often designed to perform additional tasks. There are usually USB ports to charge other electronic devices, and lights to help when your car breaks down. This makes them a useful tool, even if your battery is in good condition.


jump starter

jump starter

Disadvantages of emergency starters

Can't fully charge the battery

Jump starters do not have enough charge to fully recharge the battery. This means that if the battery is depleted, the emergency starter will provide enough power to start your car. But the battery itself still needs to be charged. While some emergency starters have larger batteries than others, the total power is always limited.


In summary, jump starters are useful if you want a portable device that can immediately power an empty battery.

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