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What is a Hydraulic Jack and Its Working Principle?

Jul. 23, 2021

Every homeowner should have a lot of Automotive Hand Tools in their garage, including a hydraulic jack. A hydraulic jack is a great piece of equipment because it can easily and safely lift heavy objects, allowing you to work on cars or any other heavy items that would otherwise be difficult to do.

How they work

Essentially, hydraulic jacks use levers to amplify the force applied to provide the ability to transport heavy objects. They use an incompressible fluid to achieve a multiplier force to lift the load, which can provide more power than a mechanical screw jack, and they are also easy to use. This makes them a great addition to your garage, especially if you prefer to work on your own car, as they are a quick, easy and safe way for anyone to lift a car off the ground.

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic Jacks


Typically, Hydraulic Jacks are either bottle jacks or floor jacks. The former is shaped like a milk bottle and uses a vertical shaft to support a platform that bears the weight of the object being lifted. A floor jack has a horizontal shaft that pushes a crank handle attached to a lifting pad, which then lifts vertically.

How to use

You can use a hydraulic jack to lift a car by finding a jacking point near the wheel you are working on and then stacking plywood on the ground where you plan to use the jack. Loosen the wheel you plan to use, then release the locking mechanism on the jack handle and use the lever to jack up the car to change the tire or work on the bottom.


People primarily use hydraulic jacks to lift cars, but that's not the only use. They are also used in construction, moving, cable tensioning and agriculture, just to name a few. Essentially, it's a piece of equipment that can be lifted quickly, easily and safely if heavy objects need to be lifted, and it's a great addition to the garage for people who like to work on their own cars.

There are many handy pieces of equipment in the garage, but for anyone who wants to repair their car and perform maintenance, you should certainly consider using a hydraulic jack as they are easy to use and are a safe way to lift your vehicle. We also have Lubrication Tools available, so please feel free to contact us if you need them!

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