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Simple Knowledge About Cylinder Pressure Gauge

Jun. 03, 2020

Structure Composition of Cylinder Pressure Gauge

The cylinder pressure gauge assembly is composed of a pressure gauge with a range of 0~5188M Pa, connecting hose, the single-item intake valve and interchangeable joints suitable for various models. There is a purge valve on it to return the pointer to /00. The structure is shown below.

How to use cylinder pressure gauge correctly


(1) Start the engine and stop it when the engine water temperature rises to about 80C.

(2) Blow out the dust outside the spark plug with compressed air, remove the spark plug of each cylinder and open the throttle [] and choke valve.

(3) Eliminate the exhaust gas in the cylinder, place the rubber head of the cylinder pressure gauge on the spark plug hole of the first cylinder, and press firmly.

(4) Use the starter or hand crank to quickly turn the crankshaft at a speed of about 180r/min. Write down the pressure gauge reading, test the record 2-3 times and then measure the remaining cylinders in sequence.

(5) When the cylinder pressure is lower than the standard (the cylinder pressure of Jiefang CA141 and Dongfeng EQ140 car engines is not lower than 0.833Mpa), you can add 20--30g of new lubricating oil to the top of the piston and try the pressure again A significant increase indicates that the piston ring is worn, and if the pressure remains unchanged, it indicates that the valve or cylinder head is leaking.

It is also an important thing to understand the role of the cylinder pressure gauge. The cylinder pressure gauge is used to check whether the pressure in the engine cylinder meets the standard value

Cylinder pressure gauges are widely used. I believe everyone also understands how cylinder pressure gauges are tested. So what is the role or significance of using cylinder pressure gauges? The cylinder pressure gauge is used to check whether the pressure in the engine cylinder meets the standard value. Regular testing of electrical products is to avoid failures and allow each part to function properly. Professional manufacturer of auto tools, sinotools only making high-quality products

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