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Valve Seal Remover and Installer Pincer

Item No: M02202

Surface: Chorme Plated

Sample: Acceptable

Packaging: Sliding Card

OEM/ODM: Acceptable


alve Seal Remover and Installer Pincer Car Engine Valve Stem Seal Plier

- Material: 40CR

- Size: 27 x 6 x 3cm

- Surface treatment: heat treatment 35-40 degrees, electrophoretic paint, handle chrome plated

- Perfect for remove and install the valve spring with the cylinder head on or off the OHV and OHC petrol or diesel engines, and remove the valve stem seals on overhead camshaft engines.

- Multi-point adjustable base of this tool bolts securely to the head while the adjustable lever mechanism pivots from the bar thus compressing the spring.

- Valve pliers can reach down around the valve stem into the confined areas of the seal to grip it for removal or installation.

- To Grip It For Removal / Installation

- Widely applicable model for most kinds of engines

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