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What Industries Use Parts Washers?

Sep. 09, 2023

Parts washers are essential equipment in various industries where cleaning and degreasing of components and parts is crucial for maintenance, safety, and product quality. These machines use various cleaning methods, including solvent-based or aqueous-based solutions, to remove contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, and debris from parts. Here are some industries that commonly use parts washers:


1. Automotive:

  • Auto Repair and Maintenance: Automotive garages and repair shops use parts washers to clean engine components, brake parts, transmissions, and other automotive parts before servicing or rebuilding them.


  • Manufacturing: Automotive manufacturing facilities use parts washers for cleaning and degreasing components like engine blocks, transmissions, and suspension parts before assembly.


2. Aerospace:

Aircraft Maintenance: The aerospace industry relies on parts washers to clean and degrease critical aircraft components, ensuring safety and performance.

3. Manufacturing and Metalworking:

  • Metal Fabrication: Manufacturing and metalworking industries use parts washers for cleaning metal parts, removing cutting oils, and preparing surfaces for further processing, such as welding or painting.

  • Machine Shops: Machine shops use parts washers to clean tools, dies, and machine components to maintain precision and prevent contamination.

    Parts Washer With Pump

 Parts Washer With Pump

4. Heavy Machinery and Equipment:

  • Construction and Mining: Heavy machinery used in construction and mining industries require regular cleaning to remove dirt, mud, and grease to maintain efficiency and durability.

5. Food Processing:

  • Food Manufacturing: Food processing plants use parts washers to clean and sanitize equipment, conveyor belts, and components to meet stringent food safety standards.

6. Electronics and Semiconductor:

  • Electronics Manufacturing: Electronics and semiconductor industries use parts washers to clean printed circuit boards (PCBs), connectors, and other components to remove contaminants and ensure product reliability.

7. Medical and Healthcare:

  • Medical Device Manufacturing: Medical equipment and device manufacturers use parts washers to clean and sterilize components, ensuring product safety and hygiene.

    Auto Parts Washer

Auto Parts Washer

8. Agriculture:

  • Farm Equipment: Farms and agricultural operations use parts washers to clean and maintain tractors, harvesters, and other machinery.

9. Energy and Utilities:

  • Power Generation: Power plants and utilities use parts washers to clean and maintain critical components, such as turbines and generators, to ensure efficient and reliable power generation.

10. Printing and Packaging:

  • Printing Industry: Printing presses and equipment require regular cleaning and maintenance, and parts washers are used for this purpose.

11. Rail Transportation:

  • Railroad Maintenance: Parts washers are used to clean and maintain railcar components, locomotives, and track equipment.

12. Marine and Shipbuilding:

  • Maritime Industry: Shipyards and marine industries use parts washers to clean and maintain ship components, engines, and equipment.

13. Plastics and Rubber:

  • Plastics Manufacturing: Manufacturers in the plastics and rubber industry use parts washers to clean molds, dies, and equipment.

These are just some of the industries that rely on parts washers to maintain the cleanliness, safety, and efficiency of their equipment and components. The specific type and size of parts washers can vary significantly depending on the industry and the cleaning requirements.

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