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Choosing Between High Volume and High Pressure Oil Pump

Jan. 19, 2024
Choosing Between High Volume and High Pressure Oil Pump

When it comes to selecting an oil pump for your engine, the choice between a high volume and a high-pressure oil pump is a critical decision that directly impacts performance and longevity. Each type has its advantages and considerations, and the decision depends on your specific engine requirements and application. This guide provides insights into the characteristics of high volume and high-pressure oil pumps to help you make an informed decision based on your engine's needs.

High Volume Oil Pump

A high volume oil pump is designed to move a larger quantity of oil through the engine. Key considerations include:

  • Increased Lubrication: High volume pumps are effective at providing more lubrication to engine components, especially in high-stress or performance applications.

  • Cooling Benefits: The higher oil flow can contribute to better cooling of engine components, reducing the risk of overheating.

  • Performance Applications: Ideal for engines with increased bearing clearances or those used in high-performance applications where additional lubrication is crucial.

High Pressure Oil Pump

A high-pressure oil pump focuses on delivering oil at higher pressure levels. Key considerations include:

  • Improved Bearing Load Support: High-pressure pumps are effective at maintaining oil pressure even in engines with tight bearing clearances, offering better support to engine components.

  • Preventing Cavitation: Higher pressure helps prevent oil cavitation, which can occur in situations where the oil pressure drops, leading to potential damage to engine components.

  • Low RPM Applications: Well-suited for engines that operate at lower RPMs, where maintaining consistent oil pressure is essential for proper lubrication.

Choosing Between High Volume and High Pressure Oil Pump

Choosing the Right Pump for Your Engine

The decision between a high volume and high-pressure oil pump depends on several factors:

  • Engine Type: Consider the specific requirements of your engine, including its design, clearances, and intended use.

  • Performance Goals: If you're aiming for increased performance and additional lubrication, a high volume pump may be suitable. For engines with tight clearances, a high-pressure pump may be more appropriate.

  • Application: Evaluate the typical operating conditions of your engine, whether it's a high-performance application, daily driver, or low RPM operation.


Choosing between a high volume and high-pressure oil pump depends on the specific needs and characteristics of your engine. Consider factors such as lubrication requirements, cooling benefits, bearing clearances, and intended application to make an informed decision that aligns with your engine's performance goals and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Pump Selection

Q: Can I use a high volume pump in a daily driver?

A: While high volume pumps offer increased lubrication, they may not be necessary for daily drivers with standard engine clearances. Consider your engine's requirements and performance goals before choosing a pump.

Q: Will a high-pressure pump provide better protection at high RPMs?

A: Yes, a high-pressure pump is designed to maintain consistent oil pressure even at high RPMs, providing better protection to engine components in such conditions.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing an oil pump for a performance engine?

A: Consider the clearances of your engine, the intended application, and the performance goals. High volume pumps are suitable for increased lubrication in high-stress applications, while high-pressure pumps are effective for engines with tight bearing clearances.

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