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What Should You Pay Attention to When Using Transmission Jack?(Ⅰ)

We are Transmission Jacks Manufacturer and today we will introduce some notice that you pay attention to when using Transmission Jack.

1. Fix the car

Before lifting the car up with the jack, we should fix the car first, so as to prevent the car from being lifted unsteadily and falling down and hurting people.

Why do manual stops need to be put in place?

If be to hang empty gear, the car is equivalent to the brake that relies on hand brake only, and the brake of hand brake is aimed at rear wheel only. If it is one of the rear wheels that needs to be replaced, then after lifting the vehicle with the jack, only the other rear wheel is left with braking power, so it is difficult to ensure that the car is fixed well. If the car is in gear, it will be stopped by the engine. Even if one wheel is off the ground, the other three wheels will be powered.

2. Don't forget to take safety precautions

After we stop the car, we cannot ignore the necessary safety warning measures. Please put the warning triangle within the safe distance behind the car.

Transmission Jack

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