How to maintain the hydraulic jack?

(1) The hydraulic jack bottom should with pad formation. Oil-free wood expands the pressure surface to ensure safety. You can not use iron instead of wood to prevent sliding.

(2) It is required to be stable when lifting. After the heavy object is slightly raised, it is necessary to check whether there is any abnormal condition. If there is no abnormal condition, it can continue to rise. Do not lengthen the handle or excessive operation arbitrarily.

(3) Do not overload, over high. When the sleeve appears red line, that has reached the rated height should stop jacking.

(4) Several hydraulic jacks work at the same time, there must be someone command, so that the rise or fall simultaneously. Adjacent two hydraulic jack to support the wood, to ensure that the interval to prevent sliding.

(5) When using the hydraulic jack to always pay attention to the sealing part and the pipe joints, we must ensure its safe and reliable.

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hydraulic jacks

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