How much do you know tire inspection?

Today I will tell you some test about auto, hoping to help you. You’d better have a tire repair tool.

External test

1. remove the wheel from the car care

2. tire inflation – in control under pressure recommended by the manufacturer (based on tire-wall)

3. the tires into the testing tank, leak parts have been found. High pressure leak appears under certain conditions (in the load overload effect), then you will need to use a leak detector to find the damage area. Caution test, beware many of the damaged air leakage.

4. refer to "not (industry standard)" (outside). When the tires to determine needs and can be patched with a marker in the repairability of tires before doubt, you should not repair steps.

Internal test

5. remove the tire from the wheel on the ground.

6. in the light of "can not be repaired (industry standard)" (inside). When the tires to determine needs and can be patched with a marker in the tire marks on the internal tire damage done.

7. removed cause tire damage foreign material, carefully measured to ensure passenger car tire damage the diameter of 1/4 inches or less, light (middle), truck tire damage the diameter of 3/8 inches or less. If the damage exceeds the above, that should be given to removing the tire to comprehensive professional repair service repair make larger cross section.

8. use the probe, remove it from the outside insert the tire until it through the airtight layer 1/4 inch. Be careful to prevent sticking out of the other hole.

9. the probes inserted into the cut holes to the point of keeping the "12 o'clock" position, the mushroom nail hole close to a probe into injury, makes mushroom nail the center hole Center to injury.

10. when the penetration angles less than 25 degrees, use a holistic approach to repair (full mushroom nail).

11. when the penetration angles greater than 25 degrees, repair must be two discrete methods (principles equivalent to separate the mushroom patch parts of the nail and rod).

12. tyre placed on the wide tires, makes wound hole in "4 o'clock" or "8 o'clock" position. -Bead too open.

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